Jack Semple

Jack Semple is one of those rare guitar players who leaves a crowd in absolute awe of what they have just experienced. Semple is a guitar player’s guitar player. An absolute virtuoso of his art form, Jack plays with unparalleled feeling and total technical control. Semple has played from Vancouver to Montreux, has worked for CBC radio and TV, won a Juno award, and shared the stage with a wide range of top artists, from Martha Reeves to k.d. lang. He was the 1992 national winner of the Much Music “Guitar Wars.” His most recent CD release is entitled “Tribute to Lightfoot.”

With special guests The Gene Pool

Jack and Tara Semple have lived in the Cathedral neighborhood for 17 years. Tara plays flute and piccolo in the Regina Symphony as well as her Baroque group Per Sonitori and flute quartet “The Quarter tones”. Kaitlyn Semple plays bass and sings in the Semple family band. She has a degree in acting from the U.of R. and makes her living acting in Canada. She just finished the Buddy Holly story at the Globe theatre. Keiran Semple plays drums and guitar and vocals in the family band. He is a gifted singer songwriter and visual artist. Zenaya Semple plays percussion and sings lead vocals in the family band. Together they are The Gene Pool.

René Dumont

René Dumont hails from Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. From skills passed down from his father, René Dumont bring to mind the sounds of Jimmy Rodgers and Hank Williams, while maintaining an instantly recognizable original sound. Rene stays close to his roots by offering a collection of his contemporary folk/roots creations for your enjoyment. With a fine yodel to his credit, René brings back the sound and feel of the northern parkland heritage music so loved in these areas.

The Lazy MKs

The Lazy MKs are an instrumental “post-country” band from Regina featuring steel guitar, bass and drums. After releasing “Where We Bin” in September 2011 (which charted consistantly on Earshot! national and local charts) the MKs are issuing a a series of digital only singles called “The Sunset Sessions”. The latest release is an intrumental cover of Sabotage (Beastie Boys).  This release screams the “post-country” concept.  Country instruments like steel guitar and harmonica used for non-traditional purposes on a rapcore track.  The track also features some great playing by special guests, The Pile O’ Bones Brass Band.  The first release in the Sunset Sessions series was a collaboration with Belle Plaine (www.belleplainemusic.com). The single was successfully launched at the Brawler’s Ball at the Cathedral Village Arts Festival in May 2012.

The Local Onlyz

The Local Onlyz are a 4-piece hip-hop group from Regina combining members of the nancy ray-guns with InfoRed (Brad Bellegarde) and hip-hop producer Merky Waters (Chris Merk). The group forges a fresh path for hip-hop with the song writing arrangements and powerhouse vocal hooks of Thomas Roussin (the nancy ray-guns), the hip-hop savvy of Merky Waters, and the rich, deep voice and thought-provoking lyrical passages of InfoRed to create tracks ripe for rippin! The group is dedicated to using original instrumentation as much as possible – creating sounds with guitar, mandolin, bass, Rhodes piano and live drums with the recent addition of Nathaniel Bowen (the nancy ray-guns). Their current free for download album, Kings Among Clowns) will surely leave its mark on the Canadian music scene with its array of addicting, triumphant anthems.


Already a highly accomplished musician at a remarkably young age, Vaero – the stage name of Saskatchewan-born Véronique Poulin – is a talented multi-instrumentalist, composer and folk-rock songwriter. Self-identifying as a member of the Fransaskois community, Vaero’s latest album, entitled Les Cordes De Mon Coeur, is written predominantly in French. Her solo career has taken her to festivals across Canada, in addition to playing with a whirlwind of local acts, including up-and-comers Young Benjamins who have recently performed at the Regina Folk Fest.


Riva is a singer-songwriter born and raised on the prairies.  She is a member of the Timiskaming Algonquin First Nation. Riva has written, released, and toured three records across Canada and throughout the United States with the critically acclaimed band Sylvie.  As a member of Sylvie, she has toured with such notable groups as Wintersleep, Said the Whale, Minus the Bear, and Death From Above 1979

Riva’s first steps as a solo artist began with a nationally broadcast performance of the Sylvie song “When We Were Young” at the Truth and Reconciliation Town Hall Meeting from the CBC studios in Regina.  Since that time, Riva has built a solid repertoire of songs that incorporate wistful tones and melodies.

Recently, Riva’s song “I am a Witness” was adopted by the First Nations Caring Society as part of their awareness campaign.  The First Nations Caring Society has been engaged in advancing the rights of First Nations children on reserve, and in February brought a human rights case before the Federal Court of Canada.  On February 14, as the case was being heard, Riva performed “I am a Witness” with children from across the Country, on the steps of the Parliament Building in Ottawa.

On June 23, 2012, Riva was honored to be among Canada’s Finest Aboriginal artists, such as Buffy Sainte-Marie, as part of the Aboriginal Day Live concert in Regina.  This event was broadcast live across the country on APTN. Riva is currently finishing up material for her first solo record.

Tim McCashin with Chris Sleightholm

Tim McCashin offers home grown tunes from the land of plenty and broken dreams. With Chris Sleightholm of the Lonesome Weekends on backing vocals and electric guitar.

The Connaught Quartet

A special treat created just for the Centennial celebrations. the Connaught Quartet is comprised of Jonathan Ward on viola, Carmelle Pretzlaw and Rudolf Sternadel on violin, and Amelia Borton on cello.

Ben Winoski

Ben Winoski is a very focused guitar player, spending most of his free time writing and arranging his own material. His music can be described as instrumental acoustic guitar covering many genres. Ben’s music crosses between Celtic, ragtime, blues, folk, jazz and pop. Exploring both finger style and flat-picking techniques, Ben has approached the guitar unlike most others. Ben is mainly self-taught aside from some early instruction. When Ben first started playing, he began to experiment with various altered tunings and found it was much easier to obtain really open sounding arrangements using them. Influenced by many guitar players, Ben has been especially interested in the music of Don Ross, Leo Kottke, Jack Semple and Bob Evans. Utilizing open tunings, capos and his technical ability, Ben is as exciting to watch in person as he is just to listen to.

Rah Rah

Rah Rah was crowned “Best New Canadian Band” and “Best New Alternative Band” by iTunes Canada in 2009. The band’s songs have also been featured as iTunes Single of the Week and Starbucks Pick of the Week in Canada. The band has toured incessantly behind their previous two albums, sharing tours with the likes of Minus The Bear in Canada and USA, Wintersleep in Europe and Canada, and label-mates Said The Whale. Expect the band to continue touring heavily in support of The Poet’s Dead, to be release digitally Oct. 2 and physically on Sept. 23 through Hidden Pony Records. Rah Rah was originally formed in 2007 by Connaught alumni Erin Passmore and Marshall Burns, who were later joined by Kristina Hedlund, Joel Passmore, Leif Thorseth and Jeff Romanyk.

Check out Rah Rah’s new video ‘Art and a Wife’

Here’s the Local Onlyz


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