The Globe Theatre School

Our students don’t read from a page.  From 2 years old to adults, we bring artists together to foster their creativity, with each class developing unique stories and productions. This is where theatre happens – from start to finish. Join us for your artistic journey.

Print-making with Rob

Robert Truszkowski earned a BFA in Printmaking from Queen’s University in 2000 and a MFA in Print Media from Concordia University in 2004. He has exhibited and lectured across Canada and internationally, as well as printed editions for several well-known Canadian artists including Betty Goodwin and Ed Pien at Stinger Editions (Concordia University) in Montréal. Before joining the faculty at the University of Regina, Robert taught printmaking, digital imaging and contemporary art theory at Queen’s, Concordia and the Haliburton School of the Arts.

Drumming with Ted

With double degrees in drums and education, Ted Crawford is one of Regina’s favourite drum teachers.

Dance with FadaDance

FadaDance loves to dance with children of all ages, and has years of experience leading workshops at festivals. The combination of the troupe’s storytelling prowess (and a touch of the absurd!) with green space and willing participants has the magical ability to create original dance, on the spot and in the moment.

The RPL Puppet Theatre

The Regina Public Library’s puppet shows are well-crafted, popular family entertainment.

Sing Along with Don Waite

Don Waite’s CD, EarthSongs, which was nominated for the Outstanding Children’s Recording by the Prairie Music Awards (1999), was recorded in Regina with the enthusiastic help of children from the Cathedral neighbourhood.

Storytelling with Kevin McKenzie

As an experienced teacher of storytelling, Kevin served as the storyteller in residence for the Regina Public Library, the Saskatchewan Writers Guild and the Regina Board of Education.

Will Leach Magic

An interactive experience, fun for all ages, featuring the mystical powers of Will Leach. Will and his family have been performing magic shows for 20 years.

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